Travel Diaries: Nasty Gal Nights

Heard of Nasty Gal? Heard of Sophia Amoruso? Girlboss is my fashion bible and Sophia Amoruso is the writer aka designer and creator of Nasty Gal. Sophia’s line is mostly modern vintage style. The pricing is fairly high but not too extreme.

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a link that Nasty Gal was going bankrupt. I found this hard to believe considering there is a show about to release on NetFlix about it. I looked into and it turns out it’s true. However, it’s not the bad kind of bankruptcy. She is basically redesigning the company. What does this mean for consumers like you and I? *CLOSE OUT SALE* Cheers to that!!!!


I went right to the website that night and ordered 7 dressed to sell at the style brunch. I decided to bring two of them on the cruise to model in. I absolutely love the quality of these products and I most definitely agree what she charges is appropriate.


I received an amazing compliment on the lace dress as I approached the bar stool to sit down. A woman leaned over and said to me, “honey your dress is absolutely amazing, really the whole look is perfect you did a great job!” And her husband followed up with “Even the shoes are awesome. You really nailed the look!” For someone who loves fashion this was the highlight of the trip for me haha!

I wore Candies block here suede platforms and my red Ulta lipgloss to throw in some color. This was my favorite look of the week.

The sequin dress is a little more edgy and flirty. I did not actually wear this out, I just posed in it! It was not my size so it did not fit great {it is for sale!!} but I love the cuts in it and it has gotten a lot of attention on Facebook. Again, great materials and quality used on this satin beauty!
Cheers!! XO Jenn

Travel Diaries: Beach Daze

I bought this crop to wear with a black knee length skirt that I have had for a year and not found anything to wear with it. Of course I get it and I hate it together but i loved the shirt. I thought it would be perfect with my black or denim high-waisted jean shorts. Low and behold, it was! I went with the black because I wore the jean already on the trip and who doesn’t love *all black everythang*?!


I loved the outfit and so did everyone else! The hat was my go-to this week. It’s actually my sisters and she left it at my house. I have like 3 of the same hats and of course I love hers better. I broke two pair of sunnies on the trip so the gladiator sunnies are my friends. The outfit was under $20.

My favorite part is my Sanuk Yoga Slings made from yoga mats. They are one of the best investments you can make! I found mine for $20 at TJ MAxx but I think they run about $30-$40 retail. GET THEM IMMEDIATELY!


Cheers!!! XO Jenn

Travel Diaries: Seaside Chillin’

Well everyone I just got back from the cruise I told you I was going on. It did not go as planned, but it was nice to be away with my girlfriends and get to dress for the occasion while doing it! I am starting a mini blog series called Travel Diaries and each one will have different outfit(s) from the cruise! Hope you enjoy.

I have a new love for slightly over-sized button-down shirts; this is a very versatile garment to have in your wardrobe. You can wear it to work with career pants, you can wear it with jean shorts or jeans or even as a swimsuit cover-up; I have done them all!

The day we left was super windy so it was a little cool. I figured by the time we got on the boat aka ship, {my friends laugh because I always call it a boat- know, I know it’s a ship!!} it would be like 3pm and probably more chillin’ than swimmin’. I decided my seaside button-down would be adorable and very Nantucket-like. I ended up really loving what I put together. Under the shirt because I did not want to be too hot I wore a lace bandeau and then layered up with a denim jacket. Khaki shorts were perfect since I did not have any room to pack my jacket and I had to wear it {I told ya, not ready for the denim on denim attempt yet}.


My floral “Nicole” flip flops were a hit. They are a hidden gem I kind of forgot about. It’s funny because my girlfriend Marissa who came with me packed like her whole closet and I told her I haven’t seen her wear barely anything she packed since I have known her, and she said because I honestly just remembered I had it!. That’s what packing does, makes you discover a newfound wardrobe. Or you’re just a hot mess and you need a stylist and need to call Tamy Lugo at VStylist immediately!

 Cheers! XO Jenn

OOTD: High-Waisted Silk Trouser Pants

I bought these silky trouser pants by Kelly Osborne from HSN last April and I have only worn them a handful of times but I really love the look. It has gotten easier to style them. At first I was not sure what to wear! I ended up wearing a plain black crop top and chunky necklace the first time. Then I started seeing more styles and became more comfortable. Here are some of the looks I styled with my high-waisted tapered trousers:


The Glamour shirt above is on of my favorite shirts. It was actually a tee shirt dress I found in Ross and it did not look good on me so I cut it into a tank and I love it!! DIY baby!!


For work!
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bracelet: Lia Sophia
Earrings: Candies
Ring: NY&Co 
Nails: OPI


Some of my other favorite looks like this:


Blush trousers are like a 2 for 1! Blush is hot right now!!


Don’t be afraid to mix this look up a bit. Take a chance, make a bold statement!!

Xo Cheers! Jenn

Shoe Tuesday

Let’s talk about my favorite topic: shoes! I love new seasons because I love seeing what fresh style will be hitting the racks!

One of my all time favorites, that is super Jersey but I don’t care is the fur shoe. It’s very Carrie Bradshaw sleeps with Burger episode-y and I love it.The fur {faux of course} is here to stay, I can feel it!! {}


I am not a huge sneaker person but I love the new no-tie platform “sneaker” that has smothered the shoe store shelves! This pair from Dillard’s is my absolute favorite. Blush is hot right now too so makes this shoe an all-around best seller! {}


Ah! Jessica! You always do it right girl. The Aztec design, colors and bands make these killers a top for me. They are really fun!


I am loving the basket-weave nude shoe as well. As you may or may not know, nude shoes are my go-to so these are on my list! Way to go, Jess! {}


And, did you know who Jess partnered with for her shoe collection? No other than the late, great Vince Camuto. Yep! So of course Mr. Camuto’s shoes are still rockin’ it. These cut-out block heels are a must have for spring! Get them before they’re gone, gone, gone!!


XO, Cheers! Jenn

OOTD: Denim on Denim

I have yet to attempt this look but it is starting to rub me the right way! I have an outfit in mind to try out, so I am looking forward to that. This is a style that you have to be very careful with, tread lightly. Let’s not go all Justin & Britney {although let’s take a moment to admire this image}.


*SIGH* Bring back J&B!!!

Anyway, here are some D on D looks that I thought got it right!!

Kendall Jenner pairs patchwork denim with chambray button down and silver kicks.


Two different color denims work really well together like Cameron Diaz’s down-to-earth look. 


Random picture I found but I like how she mixed it up with a white blazer and chunky necklace!


Selena Gomez’s style is one of my favorites. She nailed this one with her 70s style jeans, crop and long chambray duster!


My Fave!!! JLO killed it! The sunnies, the lips, the denim, the bod 100%!!!


XO, Cheers! Jenn

Thoughts for the soul…

Ever hear this saying…..


…..this blog is my art. I don’t write about personal or emotional things too much but I have been going through a type of “relationship” for the last year and it’s over now and I felt the urge to write it out. It was a complicated relationship filled with a lot of chaos, confusion, frustration and heartache but it was also the best relationship God could have given to me at the time. Coming off of another toxic situation last year, he placed this person into my life for a reason, many reasons as I realize now. This last year I learned who I really am, what I really want in a partner, life and to never, ever lose yourself in a relationship. This man became my best friend. We leaned on each other constantly day and night, night and day. In another life, I probably could have seen myself marrying him eventually, however, due to unchangeable circumstances the relationship part of us, is over. And now, we need to decide how to move forward as friends. I always thought we were better friends than lovers {I hate that word} anyway so I have a great deal of faith that we will maintain that.




Sophia Bush Article

Two months ago I read this interview/article {above- PS I pieced that parts I wanted to share. See the full article on the link} and it really changed the way I think of relationships. It’s with my home girl Sophia Bush and she talks about how people come into your lives at the times you really need them. They serve a purpose, “it’s a reason, season or a lifetime,” and this last relationship was a season and it was a great season because I learned about myself. He built me up and really made me see how beautiful, smart and amazing I actually am. After feeling so horrible about myself after the toxic mess from 2015 he was exactly what God ordered to work “in me”. Now I am stronger, more confident and ready to do bigger things as the person I believe I was always meant to be. I owe him a lot for bringing me to this place in my life. And it’s hard to let go and move forward, but I am ready to see what God has in store next, because I think it’s going to be incredibly sensational!

Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes & why…


I have a few from Sophia Bush by the way, I think she is SO admirable, a strong woman and has an amazing mind. But anyway, it’s okay to be a hot mess as you are learning who you want to be. That’s the point of life, to keep learning, keep growing and mold yourself into the person God made you to be!


Let’s face it, it’s true. I often feel like every time something bad ends that I keep giving and giving and I don’t receive the same back and that’s just not fair. Wait for someone who gives you what you deserve.


Don’t ever lose your fire!!! But if you do, get it back! Find what makes you happy again, what makes you smile and what makes you feel like you can relax and breath.


Sometimes, most times, you can’t see the plan… you just have to trust it and know Him.


Probably the best.quote.of.all.time!! {well for the purpose of this blog}
You cannot and will not love the person you are with if you do not love yourself first. How do you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself? It’s always good to learn and grow but in the same respect love who you are and be honest with yourself and others that you are still transpiring into who you want to be. “You’re allowed to be a masterpiece and a work of art at the same time,” remember?!


XO, Jenn