#OOTD Style Your Peasant Dress

This dainty little number has everything for this season:

  • Floral
  • Lace Up Neck
  • Peasant Style
  • Peek-A-Boo see through

This is great for a baby or bridal shower, or Sunday to brunch by the beach! Since it has the floral pattern that really makes the statement I would keep the accessories calm. I would definitely go with nudes. {I am a really big fan of nude by the way, my favorite shoe is nude for sure- very versatile!} This doesn’t mean it cannot be a jazzy nude shoe or bag!

Check out below how I would style mine! 


XO, Cheers Jenn


Batter Up! It’s Spring Training Season! What to Wear?!

One of the best things about moving here is that I can still watch my hometown team during spring training in Clearwater, the Philadelphia Phillies. I love to get super fun with my game wear. Back in the day I always wore high skater socks with jean shorts, it was my go-to game day outfit. I would still rock that now!

Circa 2007


The only suggestion I make is it your accessories are poppin’ keep your tee’s and tanks to a dull roar, and vice versa! Don’t put it all out there at once ladies!

Check out some of my picks below baseball babes!


Obviously I would not be wearing this jacket below to a spring training in Clearwater {never know} but I really liked it, so it’s good for chilly games in Philly! There’s the socks!! I never had actual Phillies ones, these are super cute! Remember to pair with a plain shirt & maybe a hat!

Don’t wear too much “Phillies” or too many P’s!!

FLIP FLOPS!! Yes that’s more like Florida!!!!!!!! *SPRING TRAINING* Here I come!!!

a30620c106c6ad59e29aa0997ca16468XO, Cheers Jenn

#OOTD Style Your Romper

I am a big fan of rompers. I wrote a blog on them last month actually {My Favorite Romper}. I really have taken a liking to the royal blue as well.

My friend Rebecca, designer of Modage Vintage, asked me what color shoes to wear with a navy suit, she asked if black was ok… “preferably not” I said. With blue outfits I always try to pair it with grey or nude and sometimes the occasional white shoe! The outfit below is royal, but I would still go with grey or nude accessories.

I have styled our “You’re a Gem Romper” below so you can get an idea of how you could style yours! I always love a fun shoe to make a solid colored outfit really pop!

*NOTE: Minimize jewelry if you do wear a bold shoe!

XO Cheers, Jenn

Cruise Control: What’s in your beach bag?

The countdown to the cruise is on! As it rapidly approaches everyday I am making lists in my head of what I need. One of the most important things is a well-prepped beach bag! What do you pack for the beach? I always have my go-to items as follows…


There’s the obvious do not leave for the beach with-outs:

  1. Sunnies {Lauren Conrad}
  2. Sunscreen {Neutrogena}
  3. Chap Stick {EOS}

My must haves:

  1. Brush
  2. It’s a 10 leave in conditioner
  3. Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray
  4. Feel good book {The Happiness Project}
  5. Fashion Magazines
  6. Bronzing oil {Australian Gold}

Bring leave in conditioner and a brush because while salt water is great for your hair, pulling through it 3 hours later with a brush is not! Brush through it right when you get out of the water. Better yet my cousin {Nicole Tresch at Rita Hazan Salon in NYC} said to pre-wet your hair before going into chlorine or salt water to create a barrier, and also, throw it in a braid to prevent tangling and breakage


Always wear sunscreen especially on your face! Wrinkles are a real thing ladies. I used to be a tanorexic! LAYER ON THE BABY OIL! Thank God it didn’t hurt my skin to badly. Protect your skin, it protects the rest of your body!


Protect those baby blues {or browns or greens} with sunnies. I am getting LASIK before the cruise so I will certainly be protecting those! And protect your lips! They burn and they peel and it hurts!


Sea Salt spray is great if you are going from the pool to the beach bar and you want it to be a little crunchy and textured.


What’s in your beach bag?! Are you ready? Florida summer is only a few weeks away!
Xo Cheers Jenn

Minimize time getting ready; Maximize mingling

{Get all of these dresses at http://www.vstylist.com under SHOP!}

Since I am leaving on a cruise with my girlfriends in less than a month I am in total cruise control! Cruise all day everyday! Well, at least when it comes to shopping! I was reading a fashion magazine by the pool last weekend and I saw a great article on how to go from poolside to dance floor with one outfit and I thought it would be a great blog! And also, I am in the market for outfits like this because I have been on a cruise, I know how it goes!

Get up, get dressed in bathing suit and cover up, drink all day then ut oh it’s dinner time and I want the bare minimum possible time in getting ready but I also want to look like a prom queen! Quite a pickle.. But we can make it happen, just need to plan accordingly!

Dresses and rompers are going to be your best bet for this route so I pulled a few things from the store that I thought would be ideal for this.

The Brooklyn Floral dress is ideal for party on the beach to cocktails with the captain {it could happen!}. I mean obviously a shower is vital but this is a perfect dress to from flip flops to espadrilles.


The You’re a Gem Romper is perfect cover-up for a day at sea tanning your bod or a dancing the night away outfit in a pair of gladiator sandals.


Elora Floral is a great dress to explore the island. Throw on a jean jacket if it’s chilly at night & a pair of wedges.

**Note: wedges are the best choice of heel for an island vacation. They are much easier to walk in. OR my new favorite shoe is the block heel!!



XO Cheers!!!!

Trend Study: Embroidery

There’s that word again-TREND- UGH! It’s hard to not use it but I really don’t like it!

Anyway- have you been seeing a lot of embroidered denim out there? It’s back in full effect. At first I was not totally tickled by the style but it really has start to catch my eye. I have yet to purchase but definitely in the market and I think I found the perfect piece for trial!

I think the key here is not right and wrong, because style is not about right and wrong, it’s more like do’s and don’ts.

Do: wear statement denim with embroidery and decals
Don’t: over do it!

Do: wear florals
Don’t: wear animals on your knees


Just remember, the denim is supposed to be the eye-grabber of the look so don’t junk it up! Let them shine they way they were designed to!


XO Cheers, Jenn

New Designer: Modage Vintage by Rebecca Fishel


I had the special privilege of meeting a fantastic vibrant, classic designer in Tampa, Florida: Rebecca Fishel. Rebecca is the owner and creator of Modage Vintage clothing. As Rebecca and I shared a table sipping crisp white wine in the cutest beach haven cafe ever, I immediately began asking her how she began her clothing line. She told me ever since she was very young she loved vintage clothing and preferred to shop thriftily. I told her I am envious because vintage is just not something I have an eye for, neither is “thrifting”! But she was very intriguing.

Rebecca started by thrifting pieces she loved and then molding them into something that meets a little of the modern eye , hence the name, Modage! {brilliant} No sooner does she realize she has a whole room filled with clothes that she has designed. She can take a vintage dress that is maybe a little ill-fitted for today’s 20th century lady and turn it into a two piece skirt and top that is a complete head-turner! She also found some pieces already modernized, so with those, she does not touch! It’s like having original hardwood floors in a home, why mess with something original and beautiful that still works?!

I have an all new respect for the modern vintage movement and I can’t wait to see what Rebecca has in store for her show this year. April 23, Above the Salt Cafe, Tampa Florida! Do Not Miss It. if you love Sunday’s, fashion and bubbly you need to be there!!

More details to come. Until then, check out some of this innovative work that is Modage!

This dress below, is the epitome of perfection!! I literally fell in love the moment I saw it.


Fun, flirty & girly!


Business to happy hour in a flash!


Dainty & classy!


Girls Night Out!!


L O V E. Yes! Bring back the knee socks asap!


Can we say first lady!?


Lovely in lace!


Spring Fling, Summer Fun!


Xo Cheers,